Research members

First and Family Names Affiliation Topics
Hidekazu ARAKI Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kanagawa University Solidarity economy related to environmental issues and the concept “Buen Vivir”, with special focus on Ecuadorian cases.
Koichi USAMI Area Studies Center, IDE-JETRO: Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization Solidarity economy related to social welfare, with special focus on Argentine cases.
Yoichi KOIKE Faculty of Economics, Ritsumeikan University Solidarity economy related to labor issues, with special focus on Brazilian and Japanese cases.
Keiko SHIGETOMI Faculty of Humanities, Tsuru University Solidarity economy related to livelihood, with special focus on central Andean countries.
Noriko HATAYA Faculty of Foreign Studies, Sophia University Peasant solidarity economy, with special focus on Colombian cases.
Junichi YAMAMOTO Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University Solidarity economy of distribution, with special focus on the cases of fair trade in Mexico.